Sunday, April 26, 2015

XTdb update and Lightning Sensor for XTension

Lots of work done recently on the day job over at XTension.

An updated version of the graphing and database add on to the program that provides motion reports and lovely graphs. I replaced the simple graphing engine with a commercial one that has already added several features like transparency and on/off graph zones. Very useful and a great update. Many more possibilities are coming in future builds. You can get the new version from the XTdb home page

Today I finished a tutotial for connecting a very nice Lightning sensor to XTension by way of an Arduino and an xBee radio. I’ve been enjoying the storm alerts from this on my phone for a long time now and am finally getting around to posting the tutorial for everyone. XTension Lightning Tutorial

UPDATE: 4/28/15 and digi liked the lightning tutorial so much they added it to their gallery site!
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