Friday, May 8, 2015

XTension Smart Meter Reader Kit

I am pleased and proud to announce the XTension Smart Meter Reader Kit

The arduino IDE compatible board reads the calibration pulses available on many smart meter models and outputs to XTension the instantaneous usage, the peak usage, the wh used since the last packet and the wh elapsed since the last nightly reset of the counters.

Communications back to XTension is done via an xBee radio, any other “bee” device with the same pinout and power requirements or any other means you wish via the serial data pads on the board.

Kits are available for shipping now starting at $45USD without xBee radios. The included electric meter attachments are 3D printed to order.

Though this kit is designed to interface with the XTension for Macintosh home automation software and does not come with any kind of display system, you could certainly make that a second arduino receiver project if you wished to do it yourself. The firmware describing the data output is open and available on the MacHomeAutomation wiki linked to above.
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