Tuesday, June 12, 2012

RFID for XTension

It’s remarkably easy to setup an RFID access control system with XTension even though the parts dont always come with a fancy plastic case and a DB9 plug.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wiznet Configurator for Mac v2

Update 12/21/2020: The home of the Wiznet Configurator for Mac has moved to the Mac Home Automation site. There is a new version hosted there which is fully notarized for Catalina and newer as well as having native code for Apple Silicon.

Another upate to the Wiznet configurator app. Discovered another enumeration bug in the remote host screen TCP and UDP were reversed so of course if you selected the correct one for use with XTension, TCP, it would then refuse to accept any connections. Which is rather frustrating.

This version also adds the ability to save and restore configurations to disk.

previous entries with more information here and before that here. XTension is my day job and is Home Automation and Security software for the Macintosh.

new download links:
  Wiznet Configurator MacOS Universal
  Wiznet Configurator Linux
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