Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Adafruit “Ice Tube” VFD Clock Kit

(Following in the long standing tradition of repeating the past I am manually moving some of my previous blog posts to blogger. This post was originally written on October 13th, 2009)

As if there weren't enough displays and readouts in here already today I completed the VFD "ice tube clock" from Adafruit It's actually not at all a hard kit to put together and it looks really nice on my desk :) The quality of the plastics and board and instructions are just second to none. This was about a 2 hour project for me, I'm sure other folks could do it faster. I have only 2 pieces of advise, use the thin solder, not the thick old radio shack kind and though they say some of the plastics can be installed either way around, it actually will only fit one way, so dont force it, try it the other way around. the tolerances are very close due to the quality of the laser cutting.

(letters from the future. This clock is still happily keeping time on my desk. I wish there was a setting for “do not flash to tell me there was a power failure, I already know there was a power failure thank you!” but otherwise great fun. Clock kits have become a bit of occupational therapy for me I seem to be building more and more of them...)

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